Sunday, August 16, 2009

Don't send money for Job Offers

In these recessionary times, there are unscrupulous people who just want to make quick money by encashing gullibility of hapless jobseekers. Bangalore Mirror reports how jobseekers are being lured to send money in the name of helping them get a job in MNCs.

Here is some quick advice:
  1. Always do your own background check on the Job Advertiser. If someone claims to be acting as agent of a company, always cross check with the employing company.
  2. Always suspect the motive in case one asks you to send money upfront for any assistance related to job finding.
  3. Be vary of any Job advertiser who is advertising with very broad requirement/skills/qualifications. Check whether the position is real and the Job Advertiser is trust worthy.
  4. Be suspicious, If the selection process seems too lenient or no "in-person" interview.
  5. If the agent is advertising for job abroad and wants money for doing paper work, cross check the credentials, past experience, reliability. Be 100% sure before sending any money.
Some simple tips can help you save your money and prevent you from falling in hands of such frauds.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Summer Jobs are hard to find

Its not long ago, when every student was having hard time choosing which summer job to take and companies were falling over each other to offer best possible summer job incentives. In a year, which has seen the worst recession India has seen so far, summer jobs have almost vanished.

Times of India reports, "Money isn't quite the deciding factor this year for most. In reality, very few companies seem to be hiring for summer jobs even." Even if few companies are taking in summer trainees, they are not offering any stipend. If one is able to find some place to work as summer trainee he/she is definitely a fortunate one as in these times of slowdown, summer jobs are going to be means to fill up the work experience slot in CVs.

Best way to find a summer job is "network". Use all possible means through your own network of friends and family to find a summer job. Most of the summer jobs are filled by reference, so don't leave any leaf unturned this season to find one and who knows this summer job may be passport for your next big job!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fresh Graduates shouldn't get discouraged by job market

Don't be discouraged about the prospects of a job after graduation, advise Career Counselors, as reported by Vermont Public Radio.

Experts say, students have given up job search even before starting it and it is due to prevailing pessimism about the economy. There are still jobs out there and people are still hiring, though the number may have declined, which means someone is still getting the job, so don't give up the prospect of securing the job by not even trying.

Survey data typically relies on large corporations and they are hit harder this recession. Small and medium companies have more consistent hiring record, as per the news article.

Jobs may have declined in large corporations, but there are millions of MSME (Micro-Small-and-Medium-Enterprises) who are still hiring. One may not get great salary at those organizations, as they are also trying to fight the recession and survive, but it is important that one takes up a job, without thinking about the salary or how much was being paid an year ago.

Take up internship/trainee position where ever you may be able to find it and it is a great opportunity if it is in a company which works in the technology/field of your choice for two reasons:
  • It will give you necessary job experience
  • It'll help you develop professional contacts
It is not a time to be disheartened, but to take charge.

Govt Jobs are hot Again

Government Jobs are hot amongst the college students, as per the news published by IndiaEduNews

Recent spate of job and salary cuts in private sector has made job security, one of the important criteria compared to fat pay packets. Moreover recommendation and implementation of sixth pay commission have reduced the disparity between govt. and private jobs.

As per the survey conducted in Feb-Mar 2009 60% of students preferred government jobs to private sector jobs. 20% of the remaining 40 percent expressed interest to pursue higher education and the rest said they would either join their family business or start their own enterprise.

This year 41 students from IIM Ahmedabad opted for public sector jobs.
20,000 New Jobs in Kolkata Hosiery Park

As per the news in Business Standard Rs 100 Crore hosiery and textile park is coming up in Howrah district, which is expected to create 20,000 direct and indirect jobs in about 250 small and medium units.

It is being created on the model of Tirupur in Tamil Nadu, which exports hosiery worth Rs 10,000 crore every year.