Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bangalore becoming a job hub for engineering graduates 

Around 72 per cent of engineering graduates, from all over the country, are drawn towards Bangalore for their first job.

A survey that was conducted by Aspiring Minds Research Cell, said that the city even is ahead of the New Delhi which is second most preferred destination in this respect. Aspiring Minds Research Cell is an employability measurement and recruitment firm. Hyderabad and Chennai get third and fifth spots respectively.

A sample of 19,000 engineering students from all over the country was taken for the survey.

Bangalore is regarded as the “Mecca” of engineers. The city offers many opportunities for growth in all respects. IT companies have their largest base here.

Another sector which attracts large number of employees from all over India is Biotechnology. Largest number of job opportunities in this sector exists in Bangalore. Biotechnology firms are increasing there and the city has a good ecosystem. Young and qualified personnel in this field are quite innovative and enterprising. Many organizations have been set up which are attracting the freshers.   

Mohandas Pai, Director, HR, Infosys Technologies said, “Bangalore has a range of jobs and there is a demand for good people”. 

Source: Expressbuzz
Indian students prefer New Zealand for higher studies 

According to official figures, India is, at present, the second largest source of foreign students in New Zealand. The first is China for providing international students to New Zealand.

Students from India prefer New Zealand for higher studies whereas the numbers of students going to China, South Korea, South Africa, Taiwan and Britain have declined in the past few years.

The statistics released by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) shows that number of Indian students who have been approved to study has risen continuously over the last five years i.e. from around 3,700 fee-paying students in 2005-06 to over 12,000 in 2010-11.

In 2007-08, India was the third largest source of students to New Zealand's. South Korea stood at the second place after China, reported INZ statistics.

The foremost reason given by the students for this preference of New Zealand over the other countries is that it is peaceful nation with safe society and beautiful natural environment. Moreover the teaching system encourages the students to work in groups and apply the theories to the real life situations.

Source: Deccan Herald

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Laureate Hospitality Education targets over 350 Indian students annually in coming five year 
Laureate Hospitality Education (LHE) expects to receive 350 students every year from India in the coming 5 years. LHE has hospitality schools in Switzerland, Spain, China, Australia and the US. 

There are many course offered by the LHE schools. These are undergraduate, postgraduate and master programmes in all sectors of the hospitality industry. Due stress is laid both on learning, theory as well as professional internships throughout the world.

Students are given option for international transfer possibility for example if a student starts his education in Switzerland he can then move to Australia or the US for one or two semesters. Students can be in contact with over 15,000 hiring managers in more than 75 countries during their internship. On an average, each student receives three job offers after completing graduation.

Since the hospitality industry in India is growing leaps and bounds, the student would be getting wide range of job opportunities hotels, restaurants, transportation, entertainment, spas, corporate offices, hospitals, sports, conferences etc in coming years.
LHE is a global group of institutions is already providing management education in more than 100 countries. The LHE schools are:
  • Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland
  • Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Switzerland
  • Les Roches International School of Hotel Management in Spain
  • Les Roches Gruy√®re University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland
  • Les Roches Jin Jiang International Hotel Management College, Shanghai in China
  • Kendall College, Chicago in the US
  • Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School in Australia
  • Australian International Hotel School in Australia. 
Volkswagen plans to train students

A training programme has been introduced by Volkswagen India has introduced for the students of polytechnic in Pune. It is known as Volkswagen Group Technical Education Program (VG-TAP). It is being done in association with city based Marathwada Mitra Mandal’s Polytechnic College.

Volkswagen Group India will be giving training along with technical support to educational institutes. The aim is to create employment for youth in the automobile sector. Pune-based Polytechnic is the first institute in India that Volkswagen Group India has associated in order to implement the VG-TAP program.

Because of this, the students would get a work experience on latest technology in automobile industry after working on a Volkswagen Jetta and a Volkswagen Polo given to the Institute by Volkswagen Group. The teachers would also be provided by the Volkswagen Training Academy. 

It is seen that the automobile industry in India is growing leaps and bounds. Thus the demand for young and talented people in the automobile sector is also growing at a faster pace. This programme is expected to create talent for the industry by training them in all aspects of automotive technology and customer service.
The students would get knowledge of modern automobile technologies through a certificate course.

The gap between the course curriculum offered by the institutes and the requirement of the industry would be filled by this course. Under this VG-TAP program, ITI (mechanic motor vehicle and diesel engine mechanic) and diploma (mechanical and automobile) engineering students will also be given training.

Source: Business Standard