Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fresh Graduates shouldn't get discouraged by job market

Don't be discouraged about the prospects of a job after graduation, advise Career Counselors, as reported by Vermont Public Radio.

Experts say, students have given up job search even before starting it and it is due to prevailing pessimism about the economy. There are still jobs out there and people are still hiring, though the number may have declined, which means someone is still getting the job, so don't give up the prospect of securing the job by not even trying.

Survey data typically relies on large corporations and they are hit harder this recession. Small and medium companies have more consistent hiring record, as per the news article.

Jobs may have declined in large corporations, but there are millions of MSME (Micro-Small-and-Medium-Enterprises) who are still hiring. One may not get great salary at those organizations, as they are also trying to fight the recession and survive, but it is important that one takes up a job, without thinking about the salary or how much was being paid an year ago.

Take up internship/trainee position where ever you may be able to find it and it is a great opportunity if it is in a company which works in the technology/field of your choice for two reasons:
  • It will give you necessary job experience
  • It'll help you develop professional contacts
It is not a time to be disheartened, but to take charge.

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