Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Most Favoured Destinations For Studies: Delhi and Bangalore

According to a study made by a career and education network, it has been found that the education hot spots in India at present are Delhi and Bangalore. The survey has also mentioned the names of Mumbai, Chennai and Pune as favoured destinations by the Indian students. 40% of the respondents hailed from small cities.

It has been estimated that they sought online information and were ready to go to new cities in order to take up higher and better educational courses.

Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore respectively were considered best of the Arts courses.

As far as Commerce subjects are concerned again, Delhi is the foremost preference followed by Mumbai and Bangalore.

The capital again is the most favourite place for pursuing Medicine. Other cities were Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai in this category.

For studies in Science, Bangalore got most of the votes. Then comes the number of Delhi and Chennai. A popular viewpoint is that the best courses in science are available in south India.

Thus for engineering also Bangalore is the first preferred one. At the second and the third place stand Delhi and Chennai respectively.

For MBA, except the IIMs, Bangalore is again the most favoured destination among the students since the standards of B-Schools here are considered good. Delhi, Mumbai and Pune score next in this category.

The studies showed that if factors like unfamiliarity with course and place of studies, high cost of courses, safety concerns etc are not there, more and more students would be ready to relocate to a new city for getting admissions in various courses.

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