Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bangalore becoming a job hub for engineering graduates 

Around 72 per cent of engineering graduates, from all over the country, are drawn towards Bangalore for their first job.

A survey that was conducted by Aspiring Minds Research Cell, said that the city even is ahead of the New Delhi which is second most preferred destination in this respect. Aspiring Minds Research Cell is an employability measurement and recruitment firm. Hyderabad and Chennai get third and fifth spots respectively.

A sample of 19,000 engineering students from all over the country was taken for the survey.

Bangalore is regarded as the “Mecca” of engineers. The city offers many opportunities for growth in all respects. IT companies have their largest base here.

Another sector which attracts large number of employees from all over India is Biotechnology. Largest number of job opportunities in this sector exists in Bangalore. Biotechnology firms are increasing there and the city has a good ecosystem. Young and qualified personnel in this field are quite innovative and enterprising. Many organizations have been set up which are attracting the freshers.   

Mohandas Pai, Director, HR, Infosys Technologies said, “Bangalore has a range of jobs and there is a demand for good people”. 

Source: Expressbuzz

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