Tuesday, July 19, 2011

 Indians choose jobs based on salary, job security, office atmosphere
Salary is the foremost consideration for the Indian professionals while choosing a job. It is followed by job security, office atmosphere and the work-life balance in the company, says study.

The study has been conducted by the leading HR firm Ma Foi Randstad. The study further finds out that Indian professionals choose a company in a different way than their global counterparts. In many other countries, older professionals want to work for companies that are known for their good quality of product and service. On the hand, the younger professionals are more inclined towards innovative companies that provide interesting jobs and pleasant working atmosphere.

Male professionals, here in India, prefer to work with strong and financially stable companies with high quality products and services. Whereas female professionals take into the consideration the job location, atmosphere and job content while choosing the job.

The study furthers throws light on another aspect. IT and BPO are the most preferred companies, which are followed by energy, consulting, consumer goods and retail, travel and hospitality, auto, banking and financial services, telecom, engineering and infrastructure.

As far as future prospects are concerned, IT and BPO sector are at the topmost position. Moreover they are rated best because of their amiable atmosphere, job content, training and salary. Whereas, high job security is found in the energy sector along with the attractiveness of consulting jobs lies in high salary and interesting job content.

Financial stability is also one of the major concerns for the Indian professionals. Moreover they also tend to lay stress on strong management practices as they grow old, but the desire for good training and international career opportunities declines with age.

Source: The Economic Times

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