Thursday, October 21, 2010

India to see highest employee churn

The Ma Foi Randstad Workmonitor conducts a quarterly review of "mental mobility status" of employees, that is their readiness to change jobs. It was conducted amongst the workers in countries in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. It is basically an index which is based on the replies on two questions regarding their intention to change jobs. The first question was about changing the present employer for a comparable job in the next six months. The second one was related to changing the current employer for some different job/profession in the next six months.   

The results of the survey show that Indian employees got better during the economic crisis. They could work differently and this revealed their innovative tendencies. The crisis in the economy served as an opportunity for Indian employees. The rate of their development is quite high, higher than what the Chinese said with a score of 64 percent.

But Chinese employees were at an advantageous position since they got the facility of a structured training last year (71%). In India this percentage was only 61%.
These studies reveal an important fact that the Indian employees could make a better use of this downturn, better than the Chinese employees. Indian employees were able to find out innovative methods to get jobs and hence they could grow professionally.

Eight out of 10 Indian employees surveyed said they were ready to move to another company which would help them in getting better and quicker development prospects.

According to the Chief Executive of Ma Foi Randstad (India and Sri Lanka), the survey shows that there is an increase in the mobility rate and people focussed more on promotion in the workforce. This shows that the working force could be contended with those organizations that are in a better position to take care of their developmental plans. 

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