Saturday, October 16, 2010

IT India is hiring  

Nasscom has said that the software companies like Tata consultancy services, Infosys and Wipro are expected to hire more than 90,000 professionals. Last year only 20,000 professionals were hired. 

HR people are working round the clock for this biggest ever job creation spree by these IT giants.

The staff strength was the highest in the month of September. Growth rate of this strength is over 50 percent which is the highest hiring growth recorded in the IT sector since recession. There has been an increase in IT hiring by 20-22 percent between August and September.

IT industry had suffered a serious set back due to the recessionary trends earlier which led to non recruitment of IT professionals.  

But the future seems quite promising for the IT industry and IT professionals. New projects and fresh recruitments show a promising future ahead. Skills are being stocked and training is being imparted in advance for the anticipated new contracts coming their way. 

More projects are being sent to India by the companies like JPMorgan and Citibank etc. So the companies like IBM and Accenture are hiring more and more professionals. There is kind of competition for hiring and retaining the qualified personnel now.

Innovation is seen in the hiring programmes of these companies. Infosys and EDS-Mphasis are also recruiting back the staff which they had laid off during the recession.

Some of these employees are even getting better salary as compared to the previous times. This is considered a good step by the HR managers since it would relieve them of the interviewing process. 

“Green Channel” initiative has been launched by Infosys. It is done to get applications from around 350 professionals who had lost their jobs last year. NetApp, a computer storage vendor based in California, has hired back almost half of its staff.   

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