Wednesday, December 01, 2010

CMU to provide engineering education in India

It was announced by Carnegie Mellon University and a foundation in India that a partnership would provide an undergraduate engineering course to students in India and in Pittsburgh to get a degree from CMU.

The announcement as a legislation has come up in the Indian parliament that leading US universities could now establish their campuses here in India.

With the growing of Indian economy in, now many foreign universities are thinking about strengthening their ties with us and have already expresses their interests to expand their functions here.

A graduate program in embedded systems would b provided to the students under this partnership. The courses in mechanical engineering and electrical and computer engineering would start from June. The curriculum is created at CMU and it would be taught at India’s SSN campus in Chennai. Its faculty has been trained at CMU.

Initially there would be small classes with 10-15 students. The number of students are expected to increase to 100 within 5 years.

CMU officials said nothing about the opening of their campus here.

CMU President Jared L. Cohon said, “This will establish a new way of delivering engineering education”. He said that India’s engineers have key role in the research and scientific institutions all over the world.

Officials believe that this partnership would prove to be very beneficial and transformational to the Indian students as CMU ranks eighth in the world for engineering.

Source: Post-Gazette

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