Monday, December 13, 2010

Govt planning to have a common central exam for school teachers

It is being thought by the government to replacing the state-level exams for recruiting school teachers. It will be substituted with a common centralized examination. All this is aimed to improve the quality of teaching in the country’s government schools. This was told by the officials of human resource development ministry.

Talks among the human resource ministry and the states and the National Council for Teacher Education will soon take place regarding this matter.

Candidates will have to appear for the proposed examination. After completing Bachelor of Education or Diploma in Education qualification the candidates can appear for this proposed examination.

This has been proposed by some state governments. A centralized system would be carried out by the state government. This would be done in order to handle the logistics effectively. Format, question bank and parameters would also be given to the state governments. 

India needs one million teachers at present. Then only can the Right to Education Act would be implemented effectively. There are around 220 million students in schools all over the country.

Not only we need teachers in large numbers but we also need quality work. So the teachers would be selected from the universe of those who cleared this entrance exam. The new proposal would be notified in a few months.  

Other areas which need attention apart from recruiting the teachers are to reduce absenteeism among teachers and improving the level of learning among the students. 

Source: Livemint

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