Monday, January 03, 2011

Duration of MBBS to be reduced

It is expected that the duration of MBBS course would be reduced by 6 months in India from the next academic year. 

An eight- member Undergraduate Education Working Group has recommended that the council should shorten the duration of course by six months i.e. from five and a half years to five years. This was told by senior officials of the Medical Council of India.

The objective behind the formation of the committee was to look into the shortcomings of medical education and also to advice on the matter of how to increase the number of medical professionals in the country in order to cater to the growing population.

An official also said that the MCI has been advised by the working group to restructure the whole course by introducing the 4+1 format. Division of the curriculum into core and non-core with the non-core part of the curriculum made elective or applied has also been recommended. Reduction of the duration of the course shows the possibility of attracting large number of intelligent students to join the course.

The course would be more inclusive. There would also be change in the guidelines related to the going of the MBBS graduates going and working in rural areas. There would be special introduction reservation for students from rural and remote backgrounds. This can motivate the students to work in areas of need.

Suggestion about changing the present clinical training module and introduction of the ‘student doctor’ method has also been made. The students would be posted to respective departments as a clerk or sub-intern and takes partial responsibility for patients as a team member. During sub-internship, students have specific objectives for learning in relation to history, examination, procedural skills, and management of ambulatory and emergency.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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