Thursday, January 13, 2011

Education ties between U.S and India 

There is increasing co-operation between India and US. This can help in building up proper and widespread infrastructure of educational facilities in India. This was told by the Indian ambassador Meera Shankar at a function held on Tuesday in order to commemorate the 60th Year of Nehru-Fulbright Educational Exchange Programme.

The Ambassador further said, "India sees education as critical for achieving its goals to have inclusive growth and to realise the potential for taking the Indian economy to a higher growth trajectory".

Recently a bill has been introduced in the Parliament to open up the education sector for foreign universities in India. This can enable the students here to study in U.S universities. The opening up of the off-share locations or through tie-ups with Indian institutions both the U.S universities as well the students would get benefited.

The Nehru-Fulbright Education Exchange Programme which enhanced the educational cooperation came at the time when political relations between the countries were not so good. But this programme has helping in improving and transforming the relationship between our two countries.

Confidence has been increased and horizons have been broadened in the past 60 years. There is increasing partnership in a positive way between the two countries; she said

More than 17,000 Fulbright and Fulbright-Nehru scholarships, Fulbright-Hays awards, Humphrey Fellowships, Distinguished Fulbright Awards in Teaching have been awarded till now since 1950 by the US-India Educational Foundation.

The funding has been tripled in this Programme since past two years with respect to the number of students and scholars it supports each year.

Source: The Economic Times

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