Friday, April 22, 2011

IT & ITES sector to bring 183,000 jobs

With the emergence of markets like India and China, global corporate companies are laying more stress on the strategies of growth and workforce.

The Ma Foi Randstad Employment Survey (METS) had predicted in 2010 that there would be creation of around 1 million jobs in the organized sector of the economy. At the end of the year it was found that 1.13 million jobs were created across 13 industries like Healthcare, Hospitality, Real Estate, Construction, IT and ITES etc.

Now for the current year i.e. for 2011, it is expected that the trend would continue and it is estimated that there would be a creation of 1.6 million jobs across various sectors. Industries like healthcare, non-machinery manufacturing, hospitality, IT & ITES and real estate & construction sectors would witness sharp rise in number of jobs.

According to the METS first edition of 2011, one see that there is continuation of momentum growth in the service sector. A positive trend is also seen in transportation and financial sectors according to the indicators. Employment generation has remained stable in most of the sectors.

It is likely that the IT & ITES sector would add 183,000 jobs in 2011. These sectors have remained been the major job providers during the fourth Quarter of 2010. It is predicted that the sector will keep growing in 2011 also.
IT-ITES industry is India's is regarded as one of the largest employment generators in the organized sector which creates jobs for over 10 million people both directly and indirectly according to NASSCOM. Since the rural BPOs have increased, so IT-ITES sectors are contributing more in the employment generation.

These companies are becoming more competitive and entering the area of outsourcing as well. This has brought about greater positive effect in the employment trends in this sector. Salary levels too have increases in this sector.

Total jobs in the sector:
Estimated December 2010:1,918,865
Expected June 2011: 2,019,665
Expected December 2011: 2,101,865

Source: DNA India

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