Monday, April 11, 2011

Plenty of career opportunities in LPO firms 

Valuenotes reports that the Indian LPO market will be growing to more than $1bn by 2014. The industry is getting stronger. It is estimated LPO revenues (from India alone) were $370 million for 2009.

There is an increasing pressure on businesses to boost capacity, lower costs and finding of efficient ways to deliver services. All this has lead to its growth.

India is fast developing into a preferred investment destination. So there are great opportunities for young lawyers in India to get work experience in their domain as well as to take up a business manager’s role while moving up the corporate ladder.

LPO companies provide a platform along with giving global exposure and knowledge of multiple jurisdictions to the lawyers. They get the experience to build and manage teams in a short period of time. The development of employee development in LPOs is linked with the growth of the corporation. International business environment is provided to the lawyers, which gives them in-depth knowledge of law and business dynamics. 

Many young and experienced lawyers are joining LPOs. Lawyers with LLM from international universities and in private practice are choosing to work for leading LPOs.

One of them said and I quote - Although legal profession offers a plethora of opportunities, the LPO industry offers a completely new avenue wherein a legal professional not only develops as a lawyer but also is presented with an administrative role.  

LPOs have multi tasks to perform. Being and outsourcing industry, there is greater flexibility as regards the schedules of working. With mergers and acquisitions LPOs are growing in the direction of consolidation and it is likely to reach $1bn by 2014 which is less than one percent of global law industry.  

Source: Deccan Herald

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