Friday, May 20, 2011

Bosch to spend Euro 50 mn for higher education

Germany-headquartered Bosch Group is planning to expand its funding of higher education and wants to launch a global initiative. The company has decided to invest a total of euro 50 million, in order to support universities and research projects in Germany, China, India and the US in the coming 10 years. Around euro 22.8 million is expected to be provided to India.

The “Bosch InterCampus Programme” stresses on achieving improvements in research conditions for the undergraduate students and scientists in the university sphere.

In 2010 the Bosch Group spent euro 3.8 billion for research and development. It is a global supplier of technology and services. It has taken the social responsibility. All this offers young graduates excellent prospects for the future. It is expected that in 2011 Bosch will take in 9,000 university graduates worldwide.

It has a 10-year development project which aims to set up the “Robert Bosch Centre for Research in Cyber Physical Systems” at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore. This will help to save energy in buildings, for instance. The house of the future would be able to know current energy prices and even the local weather. They would be able to optimise their energy consumption according to the needs.

Bosch is setting up a campus for IT design, cyber-physical systems, mobility solutions and renewable energy in collaboration with IISc. There would be a perfect research and working environment for the IT specialists.

The chairman of the Bosch board of management said, “By funding science and research, we are investing not only in the future viability of our company but also in the future of a global society,”

In the InterCampus programme, undergraduates and scientists would be able to do research on electromobility, energy generation, energy efficiency, and reducing emissions.

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