Thursday, May 05, 2011

Infy to hire more in US, China  

Infosys Technologies, which is India's second-largest software exporter, is now planning to step up hiring in the US, China and other overseas markets. The aim behind this is to check increasing employee turnover and encourage profit. They now want to create global footprint.  

A chief executive of the company said that they needed to get talent in the countries like Philippines, in China, in the Czech Republic and Brazil.

Infosys is likely to hire around 1,500 workers in America which is its biggest market at present. It wants more than double the workforce in China in 18 months. For this it will add a new campus in Shanghai. Thus Infy is expanding overseas. Its earnings have missed estimates for a third time in four quarters and employee attrition has worsened.
Infy wants to deliver the work from close to the client s premises irrespective of high costs. It is of the opinion that a local resource is likely to be more valuable than somebody sent from India.

The Shanghai campus would cost around $130 million There it would hire as many as 4,000 employees in 18 months. There are 3,000 workers in China at present. The company also plans to add people also in Mexico as it is a near shore centre for US.
In the past 10 years the workforce of the company has increased to 13-fold and the revenues have increased 14-fold.

Source: The Economic Times

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