Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gujarat University to start India's first dual degree system

The Gujarat University has given a proposal to the University Grants Commission (UGC) that it should be allowed to give two degrees simultaneously to its students.
All this has come up after getting inspiration by the tenth plan of UGC, which wants to have parallel education system. The tenth plan of the UGC clearly states the parallel education concept should be given encouragement. Students should be able to obtain a degree and diploma or a dual degree. Colleges and university should be encouraged to do so.

There is no university in India at present, as per the UGC norms, which allows a student to study for two degrees simultaneously. But the existing rules allow students to take up a degree course and a diploma course together.

The Vice Chancellor of the varsity, V-C Parimal Trivedi has written to the UGC, said that they want to follow the footsteps of foreign universities and has asked for the permission to confer dual degrees. 

After getting permission from UGC, a student who is pursuing post graduation in arts, commerce or science would also be able to study for the bachelor of law (LLB) degree simultaneously. 

The V-C says, “If a student has the capacity and eligibility, he or she can study for one course in the morning, while attending classes for the other one in the evening or afternoon”.

After the approval of the proposal, the Gujarat University will be the first university in the country to offer dual degrees. The students would be given admission in two different courses on the basis of the subjects studied in previous classes.

Source: Times of India

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