Thursday, May 05, 2011

Social media act as a potent tool for both employers and employees

Facebook and LinkedIn are becoming hunting grounds for employees seeking new jobs as more and more people are using these sites globally. 

Social media help people to find new jobs in fast and efficient ways according to an HR services firm Ma Foi Randstad.

The survey by the firm says that 82 per cent of Indian employees feel confident when they use the social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, that these sites would help them to find new jobs. The main focus of the survey was on ‘mental mobility’ of the employees which reflected their eagerness to change jobs.

It is estimated that 87 per cent of Indian employees make use of social media to get information about the work culture of an organisation. Track of the most preferred companies is kept by 75% of the people. They do all this in order to prepare themselves for the interviews. 90% employees have their profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin which are used for professional purposes.

Moreover, the survey found that 90 per cent of Indian employees have an individual accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and out of them, 81 per cent use it for professional purposes. Those who are most confident in finding jobs for themselves through social media are mostly from Mumbai (85%) and Delhi (83%).

It can be seen that Indian workforce is the "most mobile in the world", with an index score of 145. China and Mexico come next in this category. Survey of over 60,000 employees in 26 countries was conducted regarding this.

Social media act as a potent tool for both employers and employees. It is a least cost and high return combination.

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