Friday, September 24, 2010

Accuracy more important than speed for CAT exams

Experts believe that the students appearing for CAT 2010 exam should focus more on accuracy rather than the speed. This can help them to get an edge over others.

According to a report from DNA, there would be 60 questions this time for which they would be given 135 minutes i.e. two hours and 15 minutes. The students need to be accurate instead of blindly thinking about the speed. 40 slots would be given to the students to clear the test in a period of 29 days as compared to 20 slots in previous years. There would be exams in 20 days and 9 days would be the buffer days as no exams would be there during this period.

At least three minutes would be available to the students to answer a question. Thus they would have plenty of time to read the questions, understand and answer them. And a correct answer would be like hitting the bull’s eye!

The experts further informed that over the years the time to answer the questions has increased while the number of questions has been reduced. Experts further advise the students to be calm while attempting the exam. They need to have relaxed mood and should maintain mental composure. There is no need of getting panicky. It is estimated by the experts that around 45 questions would be attempted by the students on an average. The above average and the most promising ones may attempt 50 questions out of 60 questions.

The test is to be held between 27th Oct and Nov 24th.

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