Tuesday, September 14, 2010

India sees strong hiring trends in the coming 3 months

According to a press release by the Press Trust of India, the employers here in our country have a plan to hire people at a faster pace. It is expected to take place in the next three months. According to a survey public administration, education and services sectors would witness robust recruitment trends in our country.

India stands to be most optimistic after China and Taiwan as far as the recruitment intentions are concerned for the fourth quarter this year. This was reported in a recent Manpower's Employment Outlook Survey.

Due to the strengthening of domestic growth rate the job market seems to be booming in India. Employers in other countries are also reporting such positive hiring forecasts. Of the total of 36 countries which were surveyed, 28 showed similar hiring trends for the next three months.

Net employment outlook, which is an indicator of employers' hiring intentions, showed the statistics in India to be 38 per cent for the next three months. For the third quarter it is 41 per cent. The forthcoming festive season though can have some effect on it but it would be negligible. Around 5,395 employers in India took part in the survey.
If we a look at the different sector here public administration & education has the highest net employment outlook of 45 per cent, services (40 per cent) and finance, insurance and real estate (34 per cent) respectively. Transportation and utilities, and wholesale and retail trade sectors, both have an outlook of 22 per cent.
It is said that the combination of strong domestic hiring trend with improvement in International opportunities presents the best scenarios for Indian job seekers and that too beyond imagination.
The Southern region has 41% of employment outlook whereas the Northern region has an outlook of 37 per cent, followed by East (36 per cent) and West (32 per cent) for the fourth quarter.
As compared to India China has the highest outlook of 47 per cent and is followed by Taiwan (40 per cent) for the fourth quarter.  The weakest hiring plans for the upcoming quarter were reported from Greece, Italy, the Czech Republic, Spain and Ireland. 

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