Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Certificate Programme in Chess by IGNOU and NIIT 

A Certificate Programme in Chess has been introduced jointly by IGNOU and NIIT. The introduction of programme was announced recently by World Chess Champion, Viswanathan Anand.  

A joint certification would be awarded by NIIT and IGNOU to the students after the completion of the programme. The students would be able to become members of NIIT Mind Champions Academy and would have opportunity to contribute to chess movement in India. The programme also has an online format. It would also be made accessible for those with hearing-impairment.  

The objective this programme is to encourage the students to take interest in chess as the game is considered to develop young minds. After doing the course the students are expected to think sensibly and improve skills. The COO, NIIT Ltd said that surveys and studies have found out that chess effects the minds of the students in a positive way which in turns effects academics. The programme can be helpful in improving their concentration. It will also act as mind booster and would enable the students to learn the game. Knowledge in chess history would also be increased. Apart from all this the students can also get a chance to play with world chess champion Anand and they can even participate in the annual ChessMaster.   

NIIT Mind Champions Academy would be extended both by IGNOU and NIIT across the country. Vice Chancellor, IGNOU told the sources that they are confident that more and more people would be encouraged to learn and play Chess. He feels that India can again become the world's foremost nation in Chess.  

The course will be offered through Distance Education Programme of the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan. This programme will be made openly accessible to all interested students through the Sikshadhara portal of open education. 

Further details can be obtained from www.ignou.ac.in

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