Saturday, September 11, 2010

Proposal of common exit test for the doctors 

Panel of doctors that regulate medical education in India have come forward with an idea to have a single and common exit test for the graduates of medical colleges across the country.

MBBS students would be required to clear this examination before medical degree is given to them. The Telegraph reports that the thought behind all this is to create a brand called “MBBS India”. This would lead to bringing their degrees at par with each other irrespective their medical colleges. . This is expected to bring uniformity in the standards of qualification of doctors. A doctor from one institution would then not be valued more than of the other institution

But a senior faculty member showed his apprehension when he said that the idea could bring resistance from some of the states and medical colleges. The resistance could be fierce as well as legitimate. Earlier National Knowledge Commission too had proposed such kind of exit test but nothing was implemented. 

There is a doubt among the medical fraternity that this centralized system of evaluation could bring objections from the states and other institution who would not like their authority to be superseded by this new system. Moreover according to them centralized bodies, even MCI itself, have not functioned in the way they were expected to perform.
The Medical Council of India board has also earlier proposed a common entrance test for the medical colleges. The aim behind that was to reduce the burden of students but it too was met with opposition from Tamil Nadu. Even the medical community criticized it on the basis of difference in the quality of standards of school boards and medical colleges in different states in India. 

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