Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shifting inclination towards Electrical Engineering  

Trends in the technical sector are witnessing major changes with the inclination shifting towards electrical engineering from computer science engineering. Earlier Information Technology was the foremost choice of the students who acquired good ranking in the IIT Joint Entrance Examination. But now the students seem to prefer the field of electrical engineering more.

The change can be due to lessening appeal for the IT sector. This is evident from the fact that this year Electrical Engineering stood at number 1 position at All India Rank level and closed at 98. Whereas the Computer Science Engineering stood at 116.

According to a faculty member of IIT, this trend would be seen in all the IITs. 

Telecommunications and Computer Science share the same scale of preference. Then comes the number of Mechanical Engineering. 

It is seen that 25% of the top 100 scorers have chosen electrical engineering instead of computer science.
33 All India rankers opted for physics at IIT Kanpur which shows that pure sciences are also liked by the students.  

Engineering physics is also preferred more as compared to last year. It is shown by the fact that it was opened at rank 48 at IIT-Bombay and it was opened at rank 494 at IIT-Madras.
The admissions done in August 2010 shows that mechanical engineering too is being opted by more and more students now. Chemical as well as Civil Engineering is not preferred so much. 

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