Saturday, September 04, 2010

Increasing importance of govt jobs in India 

Indian economy is on the perpetual growth path. There has been huge amount of progress since independence. Each and every sector is developing making the economy strong along with achieving the objective of globalization and liberalization. The government sector too shows potential for growth and offers wide range of career opportunities for the individuals. Job stability and the perk and benefits offered in the public sector units are attracting more and more people to opt for government jobs. Employment opportunities exist in government sector in the following areas:

Telecommunication sector: 

We are witnessing a revolutionary change in the telecommunication sector at present. Communication technology has completely transformed the lives of the people. Internet and mobile technology are a global phenomenon and the availability of government jobs in this area of work carry a tremendous growth potential.
Public sector telecommunication units namely BSNL, MTNL and VSNL etc are widening their scale of operations. These units are assisting in enhancing the ratio of government jobs in India by creating vacancies at each level of work profile, whether it may be entry level, managerial, administrative level or technical kind of jobs. One can find increasing number of advertisements for them these days.

Jobs in Health Care:

Health care facilities ought to be provided to more than one million people in our country. Growing numbers of hospitals, health care establishments and nursing homes across the country thus offer opportunity to get good jobs in this sector these days.

One can look for vacancies for health practitioners, doctors, ward boys, nurses and pharmacists in the advertisements throughout advertisement media. Great career opportunities are being provided in government sector.

Jobs in education sector:

Not only health facilities need to be provided to the people, provision of educational facilities too is the one of agenda of the welfare policy of our government. Basic educational facilities have to reach the underprivileged. Government sector thus is committed to widen the way with opening of new schools, colleges, universities, deemed universities and institutes like IITs and IIMs across the country. Job openings may in this area of work are there at every level whether it’s teaching or support. 
Jobs in Railway and Banking sectors: 

We are one of the biggest railway networks across the world. There are immense job opportunities available here. Banking sector too offers a great growth potential. The recruitment drives through written examinations and interviews helps in finding people to work in these sectors.  and government jobs in India to the individuals in the sector.

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