Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sports should be made a career option in India 
In a report published in the Times of India, there was a plea made by Ashwini Nachapa to promote sports right from the grass root level. Ashwini Nachappa while addressing the business club road show, organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry, in connection with the Queen's Baton, expressed her disappointment that sports were not promoted as a career option here. 

Sportsmen in India were not given due opportunities which they deserve. According to her it is good to organize and host events like Commonwealth Games but it is equally important that we should be proud of our sportsmen. She lamented that our sports people struggled hard to get a medal, but failed to find jobs after their retirement. 

She was deeply hurt to know about the ongoing corrupt practices and scandals seen in sports. She added that it was essential to run sports in a professional manner when so much of negativity was surrounding the world of sports. Sports have to be result oriented and there should be greater accountability.

Recollecting the old times she said, "Children taking up sports still suffer. We got Rs 10/- per day to compete. Maybe today it’s Rs 25/-"
Private organizations should take up sponsorship and that the sports industry needs to work in partnership with private organizations, she added.

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