Saturday, November 13, 2010

2 Top Indian Institutes Become Partners in Leadership Training with Yale University

It was announced by the Yale University last month that a partnership would be formed with two of India's top management and engineering institutes. It would be done to train Indian university leaders on the practices in academic administration and institutional management in the United States. Its partners would be the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, in the north, and the Indian Institute of Management in Kozhikode, in the south.
The Indian government would be financing the project with $1-million.

India's government wants to modernize the higher-education system here as it not able to meet the country's growing educational demands. Kapil Sibal, the minister in charge of higher education, has been trying to reform our ongoing educational system and partnership with foreign universities would help in achieving the objective.

The Director of the institute in Kanpur endorsed the move and said that there would be a need foe high quality academic leadership would be critical in the wake of expansion of the educational system here. He appreciated the work done by the Yale University in this area. The training programs are expected be open to public-university administrators from all parts of India.

The program would start from January and would be developed by the three institutions. It is a five-year arrangement which will be based in two Centres of Excellence for Academic Leadership and would be financed by the education ministry.

There would be research on higher education by these three institutions. Workshops and seminars would be organized in areas of academic administration and leadership. All this would aim at supporting the expansion of Indian higher education.

Yale has pledged $30 million two years back in order to develop deeper ties with India by offering more courses and faculty expertise, expansion of recruitment of students and partnership in research. demonstrated an interest in working in India. Two years ago, the university pledged $30-million from its endowment to develop deeper ties to India through more course offerings and faculty expertise, expanded student recruitment and research partnerships. This amount has increased to $75 million now.

There is also a possibility of developing 14 “Innovation Universities” by the Yale University in India.

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