Saturday, November 13, 2010

Avenues for the opening of foreign universities coming up with Obama’s visit

Indian students might be getting the advantage of obtaining a degree from an American university now as many U.S university officials are also visiting India along with the U.S President Obama. These universities might get permission from Indian government to set up their bases in India.

Representation from Boston University, Arizona State University and Rugers University are accompanying President Obama. Boston University is ranked 56 and Rutgers University is ranked 64 on the on the National Universities Ranking on U.S. News.

Though a “foreign university bill” has been passed in March 2010 which allowed the foreign universities to set up their campuses in India and foreign direct investment has also been allowed here but these institutions are not allowed to grant their degrees here.

India has the largest student population and a severe shortage of educational institutions, the opening up of these universities would definitely prove to be quite beneficial. IIMs and IITs are the top most institutions here but have limited amount of seats which deprive many students of such a kind of quality educational facility.

Opening of foreign universities is expected to bridge this demand and supply gap.

According to statistics there is a need of about 600 universities and 35,000 more colleges over the 12 years to enrol 30 percent of its potential students in the country.

It is expected that quality institutes would be drawn to the huge population and revenue models.

For-profit institutions like Apollo Group and DeVry Inc are looking towards the Indian markets for acquisitions in higher education sector here.


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