Monday, November 22, 2010

India emerging as a “skill hub” for functional roles! 

There is huge availability of talent and with due to a lot of cost advantage, India is becoming a "skill hub" both for back-office jobs and global functional roles.

An executive search firm, GlobalHunt, says that in the last two-three years, there has been a 25- 35 per cent rise in global functional roles that came have to India.

Here skilled professionals are available at very competitive cost. The skills that they possess are global in nature. They are second to none in technology and analytics.

India has been given a status of a 'region status' by around 20% of the companies. We are no longer a part of Asia Pacific for them. GlobalHunt said, "Besides, 15–20 per cent of global workforces are reporting to Indian counterparts at various functions and hierarchy levels".

A large number of global companies have opened up their business centres in India which vary in size of their operations. Most of them are focussing on Indian markets.

A gradual but a growing trend is seen in this regard. Global professional interests are increasing and India based work is on rise giving the employees here better career opportunities. 
Source: The Hindustan Times.

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