Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cloud computing as a “hot career” 

To deal with huge amount of data and information, cloud computing now comes as a rescue for people working in various organizations.  It is the latest technology in this area.  

Resources have to be invested by the institutions in servers to store information but not all of this data is accessed frequently. It leads to underutilization of resources and unnecessary costs. To overcome all this cloud computing is helpful. 

Remote servers are used to store and maintain data. The clients can access and use them whenever needed. The consumer only requires an internet connection to mail.

The software for the server and email management is on a ‘cloud drive’ on the internet which is managed by service providers like Yahoo and Google.

The demand for professionals is high as cloud services have a huge potential. All this was told by the executive directory (advisory) KPMG, working in the domain of cloud computing. He further said that at present our country does not have ready talent so they might command a premium.

A global IT consulting firm Zinnov says that it is expected that the global cloud computing market would be growing over $70 billion by 2015. About 3 lakh job opportunities would be created in India during the same period.

There will be impressive salary levels. At the entry-level, professional with 5-6 years of experience, can get a pay package of 12-19 lakh; while a mid-level executives can get around 20 lakh. People with 10-15 years experience can expect 30 lakh or more.

The options for upgrading of skills as limited at present. IT companies provide training to their own staff. Some certificate courses are now being offered by Aptech and NIIT.

Source: The Times of India

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