Thursday, November 18, 2010

Google plans to hire 300 people in India

Google Inc has recently announced that it plans to hire 300 people as it wants to double its engineering headcount in India. All this is being done to strengthen cloud computing research and development centre present in Hyderabad, to make it largest in the world.
300 engineers are to be recruited in couple of years. Google plans to increase its presence in India with focus on cloud computing. 300 are already working in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Cloud computing is web-based processing, in which shared resources, software, and information are given to computers and other devices such as smart phones when they are demanded over the Internet.

2,000 employees are already working for Google in India. Hyderabad engineering centre will be focussing on cloud computing whereas the engineering centre in Bangalore is working on cloud computing along with search, ads, maps and news. All the work that is being done is regarded as global in nature the technology being developed in these centre are meant for global business.

There are already cloud computing centres owned by Google in Mountain View in California and New York. But the one at Hyderabad is regarded as the largest in terms of the number of engineers working here.

A Google official said that India was a great market for cloud computing as it was the most price sensitive. There is excitement among small and medium business because cloud computing ensures efficiency and better utilization of resources. There are 100,000 business in India which are using technologies of Google’s cloud computing.

In all there are three million customers in cloud computing all over the world.

Source: The Economic Times

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