Monday, November 22, 2010

Credit transfer system in Indian universities 

The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) is planning to come up with modalities to introduce a credit transfer system between institutions. This would be according the varsities in the US, Canada and Europe and would encourage mobility of students.

Jadavpur University’s vice-chancellor, in a meeting with AIU, said that the system of higher education in India has been overburdened as compared to the available resources here. He brought to the notice that the structural pattern of the university education in India has not been reviewed since a long period of time. There are different systems prevailing in India, as far as academic calendars and framework of curriculum is concerned.
Now the students will have an advantage to migrate from one university to another and all this has been made possible due to advancement in technology. They, no longer, would have to adhere by the some specific criteria or guidelines in order to go from university to another. They can bring back credits earned again to the previous university. This kind of system is in practice in Europe.

Those studying in various colleges of different universities in India are not allowed to move within the country. This results in debarring of the students from attending a part of the course in another university in which they want to study in order to broaden their knowledge base.

IITs and JU have the system of credit transfer like foreign universities. All this would prove beneficial for the students who come from the families where the parents have transferable jobs. In that case they would be prevented from losing one academic year. 

Source: The Times of India

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