Friday, November 26, 2010

Jobs to be outsourced to India by Bell Canada

According to a report, a telecom giant of Canada, Bell Canada which is a subsidiary of Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE), is exploring the possibility for getting suitable vendors for outsourcing its key voice-based projects for its internet, Solo Mobility, Bell Mobility and satellite TV divisions to India.  

The headquarters of Bell Canada are in Montreal and is a leading player in wireless telecommunications. It has more than 30% of the total wireless subscribers in the country.

These projects would be outsourced by Bell Canada through it fixed payouts as part of a deal. The deal is expected to be of around $25 million to $30 million a year.

So those looking for jobs in the area would have brighter chances of getting them after the projects have been set up.

There would largely be inbound projects which would be sent to India. It is being looked by Bell Canada wants to outsource the work to an outsourcing partner which has strong competencies in the area of  front-end work for international clients. 

The major revenue driver is wireless, which is around 50 per cent of Bell Canada's revenues. 

Bell Canada Enterprises has branched out into areas of cable TV, VoIP, IPTV, broadband internet, and wire line phones. 
Source: The Economic Times

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