Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rejection of the proposal of IIT Joint Entrance Examination  

A proposal to conduct a single Joint Entrance Examination for all undergraduate courses was opposed and objected to by the Directors of seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) on Friday. The Hindustan Times reports that the suggestion of conducting this examination was given by Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal. It was suggested to have a single aptitude test for multiple examinations held in order to give admission to the students in various undergraduate institutes all over the country. But now this has been scraped by the Directors of IITs.
The main reason behind the proposal was to decrease the number of entrance examinations and it was also thought to reduce the influence of coaching classes over the students.

Now a panel has been set by the IIT Council in order to prepare a blueprint for examination reforms which is expected to be accepted both by the government and the institutions.

Earlier it was suggested by the panel that IITs could conduct their own add-on tests along with the aptitude tests. But the ministry is not willing to accept the proposal regarding the add-on tests. 

A proposal to allow foreign faculty to teach at IITs and giving them permanent post has been accepted by Mr.Sibal. IITs are also given permission to increase the number of seats for foreign students in Post Graduate courses up to 25% of their students’ strength.

In another proposal, sometimes back, it was sought to make changes in the Institutes of Technology Act. The Council came forward with a proposal to allow IITs to teach medicine and other inter-disciplinary courses. Again a consensus was not reached when the health and law ministries opposed the proposal. The same proposal has come up again by the Council recently but still a decision has to taken on it.

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i want to say something to mr kapil sibal sir,plz extend age limit for woman in upsc .woman want to show their talent in all fields but govt have to do more effort for them.